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CCPIT Hebei Sub-Council   (CCOIC Hebei Chamber of Commerce)


China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hebei Sub-Council (CCPIT Hebei Sub-Council), also named as China Chamber of International Commerce Hebei Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC Hebei Chamber of Commerce), is a non-governmental organization specialized in international business and economy, composed of the representative businessmen, enterprises and economic communities in Hebei. She acts as a bridge through which Hebei and foreign countries communicate and cooperate; as the link between the enterprises and the government. She aims to promote trade, investment and cooperation in economy and technology, increase mutual understanding and friendship between Hebei and other countries and regions around the world based on the laws, regulations and policies of The People’s Republic of China and international tradition.

She takes full advantage of exhibitions, legal affairs, information, training as well as other channels to assist government and foreign economic organizations in contact, to help the enterprises in Hebei enter the world market and attract foreign investment to Hebei. A network has been set up, both in China and abroad, composed of local branches in 11 cities, branches in major industries, CCOIC branches in 79 counties (cities), more than one thousand enterprise members. She has established cooperative relationship with more than 90 associations and economic organizations in major countries and regions all over the world.


President:Ms. Zhang Lihong

Vice President:  Mr. Luo Qiang  

                              Mr. Liu Baoqi

Counsel : 












(Hebei Provincial World Trade Center)

 World Trade Center Association (WTCA), with its headquarter located in New York, the United States, was established in 1970. It is an international non-governmental organization aiming at promoting international economic cooperation & exchange, and setting into the development of international trade. WTCA connects 365 city members from more than 100 countries all over the world, and more than 750 thousand companies have been the member of WTCA.

World Trade Center Shijiazhuang (Hebei Provincial World Trade Center) was organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hebei Sub-council and China Chamber of Commerce Hebei Chamber of Commerce in 1992. It is the only representative of Hebei province in the WTCA. It is an independent legal entity and the only member of WTCA in Hebei. With the self-governed IDC control room of World Trade Center Shijiazhuang and WTCA member all over the world, we provide high-efficient information on business liaison, supply and demand in the world market. We serve enterprises in taking the enterprises demand to the market at home and abroad, creating business opportunities, and activating market operation for the enterprises.

Featured services:

1. Departure and entry services;

2. Transnational trade promotion;

3. Exhibitions and trade fairs at home and abroad;

4. Special training;

5. Network;

6. Credit investigation at home and abroad;

7. Agency and commission;

8. Investment counseling service




Address A:

World Trade Center Shijiazhuang,

Golden Stone Industrial Park,

No.368, Xinshi North Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, P. R. China.


Tel.:86-311-83850238      Fax.:86-311-87882626

Address B:

World Trade Center Shijiazhuang,

Rm 816, Jinyuan Building, No. 3, Zhonghua North Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, P. R. China.


Tel.:86-311-88614550      Fax.:86-311-87891140




Branches and Membership Affairs Department (Secretariat of CCOIC Hebei Chamber of Commerce)

This department is in charge of guiding and coordinating the work of local branches, branches in major industries, CCOIC branches in the counties; communication and reception of CCPIT and sister sub-councils; organizing the commissioners and members to visit abroad for economic and technical exchange; undertaking the formalities in setting up representative office of foreign non-governmental economic and trade associations; contacting the agencies of relevant foreign organizations in Hebei, organizing business training and setting up a database of investment projects in Hebei.

Tel:0086-311-88614654/5/6  Fax:0086-311-88614654



International Relations Department

This department is responsible for the contact between Hebei economic and trade circle and chambers of commerce, associations in other countries all over the world; making plans of foreign activities for the whole council; building and developing friendly cooperative relationship between Hebei Province and non-governmental economic organizations all over the world; inviting and receiving the non-governmental economic associations; organizing businessmen in Hebei to visit those countries for business negotiation.

Tel:0086-311-88614652/3   88614626



Exhibition Department

This department is in charge of organizing, applying, and coordinating of overseas exhibitions; holding exhibitions and trade fairs abroad on behalf of Hebei Province; organizing enterprises to attend international trade fairs; making annual overseas exhibitions plan for Hebei Province; receiving research teams on exhibition and foreign teams.

Tel:0086-311-87837754  87046946  Fax:87818136



Legal Affair Department

This department is in charge of international economic and trade, maritime affairs and relevant legal affairs. It is also responsible for issuing certificate of origin for general exporting goods; authenticating documents in foreign trade; applying for consul authentication; certifying document concerning foreign economic and trade; undertaking as legal advisor of enterprises; providing credit investigation; mediating justly foreign economic disputes on the basis of complete willingness of the two parties; acting as agent in arbitration.

Tel:0086-311-87044095  87083040  Fax:87050749



Economic information Department

This department is responsible for research into international economic and trade trend and international market; gathering, sorting, conveying, publishing, and tracing international economic information; editing and publishing information materials and publications; holding symposium and lecture on foreign trade; receiving visitors from international and domestic information consulting organizations; organizing relative persons to go abroad for visit and business negotiation; guiding the work in information of the local branches in the cities and chambers of international commerce in the counties.

Tel:00860-311-88614560  88614335  Fax:88614558


Subsidiaries to CCPIT Hebei Sub-council (CCOIC Hebei Chamber of Commerce)

Hebei International Exhibition Center

Hebei International Exhibition Center (HIEC) was registered at the Administration on Industry and Commerce. She is an independent legal entity. She is the most powerful exhibition enterprise in Hebei Province, boasting of a lot of professionals in the field of exhibitions, capable of providing all-round exhibition services to the clients. She is responsible for organizing and undertaking foreign exhibitions in China, organizing enterprises in Hebei to attend oversea exhibitions and trade fairs, designing and constructing in domestic and overseas exhibitions, planning and marketing before exhibitions, providing the enterprises with services involving investment, trade, technology acquisition and other economic exchange and cooperation, utilizing the channels of chambers of international commerce to assist the enterprises to explore the international markets and improve their quality.

Tel:0086-311- 85285580



Internal Structure

General Manager:Huang Bo

Tel:85285601 Fax:85285605

General Office

Tel:0311-85285580  Fax:0311-85285590

No. 1 Domestic Exhibition Department

Tel:0311-85255581/2  Fax:0311-85285583

No. 2 Domestic Exhibition Department

Tel:0311-85285592  Fax:0311-85285593

Marketing Department

Tel: 0311-85285595  Fax: 0311-85285596

Overseas Exhibition Department

Tel: 0311-87834884   Fax: 0311-87046514

Design and Project Department

Tel: 0311-85285585  Fax: 0311-85285605

International Relations Department

Tel: 0311-87083042 






Hebei Global Entry-Exit Service Center


Hebei Provincial Global Departure & Entry Service Center is a subordinate to China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hebei Sub-Council. She was the first one approved by Hebei Department of Public Security and the Administration on Industry and Commerce to be an intermediate agency for departure & entry in Hebei.


Business & Services:

(1)immigration Service:

A. To Australia;

B. To Canada

(2)Departure & Entry Service:

a. Private departure & entry service;

b. Business research departure & entry service

c. Application and counseling for Australia or Canada academy;

d. Peregrination service;

e. Agency of visa

(3)Other Service:

a. Translation;

b. Establishment of representative office for foreign companies and organizations in Hebei;

c. English training including ILET, ESL.



Hebei Conciliation Center of CCPIT/CCOIC

Hebei Conciliation center is a non-governmental organization specialized in settlement of international commercial and maritime disputes, approved by CCPIT and the People’s Government of Hebei Province. She is an independent legal entity. Her business scope includes settling disputes concerning international economy, trade, finance, investment, technical transfer, intellectual rights, engineering contracting, sea and land transportation, insurance and other commercial and maritime affairs.

Tel:0086-311-87823608   Fax:87050749




Office for Certification & Authentication of CCPIT Hebei Sub-council and CCOIC Hebei Chamber of Commerce

This office is an organization approved and authorized by Ministry of Commerce and CCPIT to issue Certificate of Origin for exporting goods and to issue and handle international commercial certificates. Her business scope includes issuing Certificates of Origin for China’s exporting goods, Certificates of processing, Certificates of Re-export; authenticating commercial documents; handling various kinds of international commercial certificates; acting as agent to handle consul certificates; issuing ATA Carnets.

Tel:0086-311-87044095 87083040   Fax:87832953



Representative Office of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission

China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) is one of the major permanent arbitration institutions all over the world. CIETAC independently and impartially resolves economic and trade disputes by means of arbitration and conciliation. The duty of her Representative Office in Hebei is to publicize arbitration and promote the arbitration agreements, to make investigation and gather information about arbitration, to provide advice on arbitration, to receive nearby arbitration application and convey to CIETAC, to assist CIETAC to arrange for court in Hebei, and among other affairs assigned by CIETAC.

Tel:0086-311-87830757      Fax:87832953



Local Branches and Industrial Branches of CCPIT/CCOIC Hebei


Shijiazhuang Branch          P.C.: 050051

Address:120, Jianshe N. Street, Shijiazhuang City

Tel: 0086-311-86086039 86088502  Fax: 0086-311-86088502


Chengde Branch       P.C.:067000

Address: Room 1712, Hanming Building, 16, Banbishan Road, Chengde City

Tel: 0086-314-2152774   Fax: 0086-314-2151077


Zhangjiakou Branch           P.C.:075000

Address: 22, Xiheyan Street., Zhangjiakou City

Tel:0086-313-2185001   Fax:0086-313-2180033


Qinhuangdao Branch           P.C.: 066002

Address: 78, Youyi Road, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City

Tel: 0086-335-5918977  Fax: 0086-335-5918966


Tangshan Branch               P.C.:063000

Address: 14, Meiyi Street, Tangshan City

Tel: 0086-315-2845771/ 2846666  Fax: 0086-315-2845771


Langfang Branch               P.C.:065000

Address: Building 3 of F, No.5 Street, Langfang City

Tel: 0086-316-2190663   Fax: 0086-316-2194909


Baoding Branch                P.C.:071051

Address: 646, Middle Dongfeng Road, Baoding City

Tel: 0086-312-2095977  Fax: 0086-312-2095977


Cangzhou Branch               P.C.:061000

Address: 15, South Jianshe Avenue, Cangzhou City

Tel: 0086-317-3046518  Fax: 0086-317-3030486


电话:0086-318-2029963   传真:0086-318-2029963



Hengshui Branch              P.C.:053000

Address: 11, Xinhua E. Rd, Taocheng District, Hengshui City

Tel: 0086-318-2029963  Fax: 0086-318-2029963


Xingtai Branch             P.C.:054000

Address: 408, South Xinhua Road, Xingtai City

Tel: 0086-319-3887318  Fax: 0086-319-3887328


Handan Branch            P.C.:056002

Address: 64, North Guangming Street, Handan City

Tel: 0086-310-3085300  Fax: 0086-310-3087663


Huanghua Branch

Address: 11, Wenhua Road. Huanghua City

Tel: 0086-317-5212789  Fax: 0086-317-5320248

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