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    河北汉和投资有限公司,注册资本:1 500万元,以自有资金对项目进行投资。境外投资非洲乌干达共和国,汉和(乌干达)农业产业、文化产业,首期投资990万美元,建设面积:2万英亩,建设农作物种植区、畜牧业养殖区,采用现代农业种植养殖技术和模式,进行粮食、蔬菜、饲料作物种植、牛、羊、鸡、水产品等产品养殖。建设农畜产品加工厂、农机产品组装和维修工厂,食品加工厂、保健品研发生产,国内相关产品境外组装加工贸易。进口产品  乌干达产棉花、咖啡、皮革、非洲工艺品、水产品等,出口产品农业机械整机及零件境外组装,机电、轻工业产品、建筑装修材料等。


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Hebei  Hanhe Investment Co., Ltd.  Registered capital:15 million RMB .Business scope: invest in projects with its own fund.Main business: invest in the Republic of Uganda, Hanhe Uganda agriculture and culture. Outside investment: invest in Hanhe Uganda Farm Co., Ltd. with the initial capital of 9.9 million RMB and the total area of 20,000 acres.


Items in operation: construct crop growing area and animal husbandry area to conduct the production of grain crops. vegetables, feed crops. and animal rearing of cow, sheep. chiken and marine products.


Industrial park: construct farm and animal products processing plant, agricutural machines assembling and maintaining plant,food produts processing plant and health products reseach and producing, as well as trading for assembling and processing of related products from the inner country.


Import and export trade: trade for related products between China and Uganda. and international trade with markets in middle and east Africa and the Uropean Union.


Products for import: cotton, coffee, leather, African handicraft article. marine product and wood  ( rosewood and ebony etc.).


Products for export:agricultural machines and spare parts assembling, mechanical and electrical products, light manufacturing products and construction and finishing materials.



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